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Radiant Thorns was created to celebrate self-expression and forward-thinkers. It is a reminder to shine the light within and radiate our best selves to the world. Products include journals, art, and luxury essentials.

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About Rachael

"As a creative and brand strategist, I have worked with incredible entrepreneurs, thinkers, and creatives. From personal experience and observation, a major key to success and increasing available time for building visions REQUIRES becoming organized, documenting ideas, and developing a daily flow that is less chaotic.

Radiant Thorns products were created to inspire and increase self-awareness of the small things we can do to better our mental health and organization of our physical spaces."

Rachael Nicole Turner is a mega-creative who has always had a love for the arts. Rachael began journaling at a young age and has been trained in creative writing, dance, musical instrumentation, and music composition. Her current areas of focus, abstract art and graphic design, were self-taught.


Rachael has been featured in art events around the Chicagoland area.


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