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Power of Journal Writing 1

How can Journal Writing be Helpful?

Just like books can be your friend, journals can be too! Books tell you what the author thinks. And in journals, you tell what you think! You don’t necessarily need to publish it. But the ability to write down your philosophies is a blessing, isn’t it?

Clearing the Dilemmas

Throughout the day, we listen, see and do a lot of things. There are things that we enjoy and there are things that bug us. Why would you let something bug you when you can get it out? When there are flooded thoughts, you cannot think clearly. With the power of journal writing, you can write your thoughts down, think about them, and get a solution to your confusion!

Better Goodnights

No, all the nights are good! When you have so much stress on your mind, you cannot sleep properly. But if you have got the complicated thoughts out of your brain, your brain is free to sleep. You won’t be spending sleepless nights overthinking anymore! Goodnights will be good assuredly!

Future Investment

As we said, you don’t necessarily need to publish it. But if you are writing a journal, in the future, if you want, you have a chance of editing it and publishing it as a book! Also, in the old days, wouldn’t it be amazing to read out what you wrote years ago? What about your children and grandchildren reading your journal and know you better when you are no more?

Nothing in this world gives us more pleasure than saying what we want to say. But if we can’t, we can at least write it down! The power of journal writing is saying things without the need of moving your mouth!

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